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Launch of Cognition Pack

We will launch a promotional Cognition Pack tomorrow, Nov 12, 2020 for the USA and Canada, SKU#20201001US/CA. The eblast will be sent out soon. The Pack’s specifics as following:
– Prices: US$500, C$650
– Gold status- Fast track bonus: US$20, C$26- 500 PQV, 200 CV (counted toward dual team for New DP, unilevel for Existing DP)- Products included:

  • Cognition 12 month subscription
  • 2 King of Coffee
  • 2 Green Tea
  • 1 Black coffee 
  • 1 Spore Powder

OGPay email in Freshdesk

Pls be informed that an email called  ogpay@organoglobal.com  has been created for OGpay inquiries.  This email is routed to support email but the system will route the ticket directly to EU based on the EU language except for English.  In this case, if you encounter a ticket and it is from DP in EU, kindly just reassign the ticket to EU inbox
If you have any questions, pls feel free to contact us