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Hello September!

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Hello September!

Welcome to Fall! We hope you enjoyed your summer and are now ready to jump into the nice, warm colors of the fall… the perfect season to boost your ORGANO business!

We have some amazing promos, offers, and opportunities to help you jumpstart this new season and help you build your business.

Find out what’s in store!

Let’s Celebrate National Coffee Day with our OG 3Pack!
Delight your palate with the best coffee flavors by ORGANO. The OG 3Pack is available this month to Retail Customers, this will help you offer your customers a variety of flavors from ORGANO.

It contains:
1 box of Gourmet Black Coffee
1 box of Café Latte
1 box of Café Mocha

Retail Customers Enjoy 20% OFF on the OG3Pack during this promotion period!
(On Retail price)

All for $75 USD / $85 CAD!
Promo period: September 1 – 9, 2020

Reach out to your customers, build your customer base, and take advantage of this amazing promo!

National Coffee Day is on September 29th. Make this whole month a Coffee Celebration by sharing the excellent taste and benefits of an extraordinary cup of ORGANO coffee enhanced with Ganoderma.

Your consistency pays off with FREE SHIPPING

Remember that if you qualify as a Star Achiever for 3 consecutive months you can receive free shipping on orders 450+ PQV and up on the 4th month!

*Also applies to accounts on Autoship.

Strengthen your brain with COGNITION by ORGANO

Broaden the limits of your mind and make the most out of your brain’s potential with the new COGNITION tool by ORGANO.

COGNITION is powered by a patented and clinically proven workout system for your brain – CTS90 powered by Neurotracker.  You can use this system and the 3D glasses from the comfort of your home.

When used consistently for just 6-minutes a day, COGNITION | CTS90 heightens human performance, increases mental robustness and resilience, impacting the quality of your daily activities and decision making in simple yet profound ways.

Price: $329 USD/$439 CAD*
$300 for the annual software subscription and $29 for the 3D Glasses including shipping
Every purchase comes with a $35* Rebate for distribution partners
*Or equivalent in local currency. Complete COGNITION Price list available in your Back Office.

Check our videos and research studies on the power of NeuroTrackerX here:
Science and Benefits Playlist
How-to Videos
Published Studies.

Get your beU Duos!
Look fresh and radiant this season with these carefully curated beU deluxe duos for your skincare needs!

Cleanse + Glow Duo
Remove impurities and keep your skin radiant with the beU Manuka Cream Cleanser and the beU Jojoba Anti Aging Serum!
Price: $100 USD / $130 CAD

Cleanse + Hydrate Duo
Cleanse your skin and get a glowing complexion with the beU Manuka Cream Cleanser and the beU Retinol Anti Aging Moisturizer.
Price: $92.50 USD / $120 CAD

Every purchase comes with a free beU tote bag (while supplies last).

Shop NOW!

Step in the spotlight with beU’s Virtual Pamper Sessions

Watch and share in your sessions the video prepared by Bonita Muntz, our Director of Training & Development for the Beauty Division, to understand the true power of beU.
Learn new tips and tricks on how to create an impactful Pamper Session with this PDF guide from Fran Muntz, VP Beauty Division.

Image is everything, especially in these virtual meetings.  Amp up your business game by creating the perfect virtual environment in your Pamper Sessions! From beautifully designed banners to branded merchandise, take advantage of what ORGANO Business Tools has for you.

Pay on the go with OGPay!

OGPay not only allows you to send money to family and friends, now you can also pay for your ORGANO orders online with OGPay.

Download the OGPay Mobile App NOW to start enjoying the convenience of on-the-go payment.

OGPay is your Mobile Wallet that lets you access and manage your account from anywhere in the world through a secure data application.  Your OGPay Mobile Wallet allows for real-time money movement to anyone around the world, schedule transactions and bill payments, an optional virtual debit VISA card, purchase goods, and services securely online, load/offload funds to and from any US Bank Account, plus a host of other features and functionalities.
Power up! Use the ORGANO Customer Acquisition tool!

Go digital and boost your sales. Expose your business and the ORGANO products to all your acquaintances with the ORGANO Customer Acquisition App powered by RapidFunnel!

Use your phone to attract, engage, and track all your prospects, commit to at least closing 2 new prospects or clients a week and experience the growth!

Take advantage of the Standard package, it is FREE now for an unlimited time.

If you want to enroll your prospects to an automated email campaign that takes care of the follow-ups, for only $1 enjoy the Premium Membership for 30 days upon signing up!  Discover all the benefits and functionalities of the ORGANO Customer Acquisition App powered by RapidFunnel for a month. After 30 days, you’ll be automatically charged $14.95/month or $149.50/year. You can cancel anytime.

 Search for the app on your app store
under the name RapidFunnel

Group code:

Download the app now and make your business grow!

Don’t forget to check our blog post on how to turn your phone into a customer acquisition tool here!
Join the Chairman’s Update On The Business Calls with Paul Caldwell every Monday 1:30PM CST / 11:30AM PST, all details can be found at https://www.instagram.com/myogacademy/ Now with Spanish, Italian, and Hungarian translations!

ORGANO Live, a daily webinar series via Facebook Live featuring ORGANO leaders and special guests all around the world. Get valuable information from our leaders in the following topics: Motivation Mondays to kickstart your week, Tasty Tuesdays to share different flavors and products.  Work from home Wednesdays, Travel tips with Travalla on Thursdays, Special Promotions on Fridays, Sweat it on Saturdays with OGX, and Self-care Sundays with beU.

Join Brett Shoemaker, our Business Development Coordinator,  on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11:30 AM PDT | 1:30 PM PDT to get first hand information on the features and benefit of all OG products, training and business tips.

Head to OG Academy for registration links to these calls.

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We are Celebrating COFFEE this month of September.  Watch out for exciting giveaways and new recipes. Follow us on Social Media now!

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Covid-19 Updates

Stay informed on the latest news on the spread and prevention of the COVID-19 virus with information from the main, reliable source: The World Health Organization. Keep you and your family safe!

Don’t miss:
The Apple News Spotlight with curated news and views regarding COVID-19 around the world.
Stay safe while video conferencing
Online security tips for working from home

Business Tools: New Business Cards Available

Want to stand out like a pro? Get these newly designed Purposely Unordinary business cards and be ready to make a good first impression.

Available in bold black or stunning white, in a set of 200 cards per box. Order today!

Reminder: The Summer Sale is still ON!All apparel and some logo merchandise are up to 80% off. Time Is Running Out, check these items now!
Get your Business Tools NOW!

The ‘ber’ months are upon us. Optimism is in the air. Seize the opportunity and grow your business. Make this your most productive year ever. Together, we can make it happen!

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